Al Rawda Carpet Store offers you the finest types of prayer rugs, whose patterns and colors were inspired by the aesthetics of the honorable Rawda.

Prayer rug (musk) - Arabic letters

32.40 USD 40.50 USD

Sold Out 12 Time

  • About the product:

Size: 110 * 70 cm | Thickness: 8 mm | Weight: 1,600 kg | Number of Contracts: 1,600,000 | Color: black | Material Type: Heatset Polypropylene (Very Soft)


  • About the product:

Size: 65 * 35 cm | Thickness: 4 mm | Weight: 0.300 g | No. of Contracts: - | Color: black | Material Type: Heatset Polypropylene (Very Soft)

  • Product Features:

washable | Hypoallergenic | Against bacteria and mites | Belgian technology

We are proud that we take care of the smallest details of the products that we manufacture in the Medina region and in the hands of its sons.

Each rug comes in high-end packaging to suit all tastes and give a look full of elegance.

32.40 USD 40.50 USD
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Mohammad Al.Murhabi

6 months ago

جميل جدًا جدا

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