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moon lamp headset

Quran loudspeaker with lamp

34.83 USD

Moon lamp headset A speaker for listening to the Noble Qur’an with an LED lamp with a moon design and printed on it (the Holy Qur’an).


Presents the entire Qur’an in the voices of well-known reciters

  • A complete translation of the Holy Quran for non-Arabic speakers
  • Touch light level control
  • Remote control with the ability to choose the Holy Quran quickly and smoothly
  • The ability to connect to the mobile and control it completely through the application
  • It contains the interpretation of the entire Holy Qur'an
  • Small size, portable and easy to carry
  • Made with high technology
  • The remote control allows you to control the brightness of the lamp

the details:

  • MP3 audio player, supports any audio files in MP3 format

•the color is white

Product height: 20 cm

Strength: 110/220

We take care of the smallest details and are keen to add the most beautiful touches to our products made and offered by the Rawda Carpet Store.

34.83 USD
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