Al Rawda Carpet Store offers you the finest types of prayer rugs, whose patterns and colors were inspired by the aesthetics of the honorable Rawda.

Kindergarten prayer sheet

21.60 USD 24.30 USD

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Women's prayer robe with a design in bright colors to be worn during prayer and with a super soft cotton material for skin comfort when wearing,


• Made of high quality cotton fabric

• Excellent material against freckles

• Equipped with a matching veil to give you a complete look

• Sewn to provide full body coverage from head to toe

• Designed with wrist straps for a comfortable fit

• One-size-fits-all design ensures easy movement of the body

• Suitable for praying, performing Hajj, Umrah, and visiting

the details:

Color: purple and pink

Material: Cotton

Size: one size

We take care of the smallest details and are keen to add the most beautiful touches to our products made and offered by the Rawda Carpet Store.

21.60 USD 24.30 USD
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