Al Rawda Carpet Store offers you the finest types of prayer rugs, whose patterns and colors were inspired by the aesthetics of the honorable Rawda.

Holy Quran lamp and speaker

Colorful LED

26.73 USD

The lamp for complete recitation of the Noble Qur’an with a remote control to choose the reader or the surah and listen to the Qur’an by voice.


10w . LED lamp

• It has a beautiful sound and resonance because it is equipped with a high-fidelity loudspeaker

• Play any surah of the Qur'an by pressing a button on the remote control

• Features an innovative connection that enables you to stream audio clips from Bluetooth-enabled devices as well

the details:

the color is white

Connection type: Bluetooth


Size: 8 GB

We take care of the smallest details and are keen to add the most beautiful touches to our products made and offered by the Rawda Carpet Store.

26.73 USD
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