Al Rawda Carpet Store offers you the finest types of prayer rugs, whose patterns and colors were inspired by the aesthetics of the honorable Rawda.

Crystal Incense Burner - Jewel

big size

21.60 USD 29.70 USD

The smell of incense is the best way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, a glass mirror incense burner with a zipper drawer to keep the oud and incense decorated with a unique jewel-shaped crystal.

About the product:

Size: 28*15

Weight: 1.3 kg

Color: golden

Product Features:

Velvet drawer inside |Durable copper incense holder for incense and charcoal| Safe to use with flexible cap.

We take care of the smallest details and are keen to add the most beautiful touches to our products made and offered by Al Rawda Carpet Store.

21.60 USD 29.70 USD
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